Velvet Sleep (sleepy fetish) recordings

Velvet Sleep (sleepy fetish) recordings

The recordings you find under this category are either fetish or D/s related (Dominance and submission). REMEMBER : If material of this nature offends you, this might be a good time to 'click' the little x in your top right hand corner.

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Special Edition
38+ mins.
** Price: 35 USD

Zero.mp3 -sample
You tell yourself that you need not speak and so you stay silent, your mouth won't even open, numb mind - intoxicated, drugged by the tone and pace and feel of My voice, remotely control and programmed to accept My suggestions, numb mind - intoxicated for My pleasure. With each word I say, the feeling of being mindless and numb gradually grows and becomes stronger, gradually stronger, each word I say makes the sensation gradually stronger now.

While your conscious mind is sleeping, your subconscious mind takes over. Your reflexes are manipulated by My sultry voice and your muscles are weaker now, weaker, weaker under My control. That happy, detached, slightly drugged feeling is amusing and enjoyable. The blood in your veins is pumping and yet your numb mind has gone down to zero activity now for My pleasure, as you continue to listen.

Go deep, go drugged, go weak. Let My voice pull you closer to Me before you sink right back into zero.

Audience: Not gender specific.
Contains: Main track, whispering subliminal track, music, alpha brainwave technology, white noise and a finger-snap wake-up command.

40+ mins.
** Price: 30 USD

Deep-2.mp3 -sample
After watching the way "Deep.mp3" was received by followers, friends and devoted, dedicated, loyal boys, I decided to create and craft an equally powerful and seductive follow up.

The "plot" is the same - the love for the big slide, the soft drop, the delicious smooth fall into deep trance is the key to your ultimate fetish and kink.

Prepared to be blown (away) - again??

Audience: Male subs.
Contains: Music, theta brainwave technology and a wake-up command.

28+ mins.
** Price: 25 USD

Deep.mp3 -sample
Recently I have learned that quite a large number of hypno-fans consider the love of dropping into trance to be the greatest fetish of them all. It is the simple and deliciously seductive and addictive process of BEING HYPNOTIZED that plays the all encompassing part in this smoldering session.

It is not the love of leather or fur, not the desire to be brainwashed or tied up. No - the love of BEING HYPNOTIZED is what triggers you this time, and My famous four words will definitely ring in your mind for a very long time, making you feel absolutely incredible.

It is a different kind of knock out file, but if you are addicted to the pleasurable act of going into trance with just the right Lady as your guide - then you want to listen to this file.

This file does not have a wake-up command which makes it perfect for looping.

50 mins.
** Price: 30 USD

Chlorofix.mp3 -sample
I don't care how hard you look in the state that you're in, you will only see My perfect domination as the mask that covers your mouth and nose, holding it in place, watching you so sweetly succumb to My chlorofix in a way that renders you motionless and deeply hypnotized for My arousing pleasure. Images of your melting consciousness scattered about in your mind, proving that there is no controlling the situation for you, so you take that first step through the wall of your inner mind, which can not stand so it melts blissfully, dreamingly, surrounded by nothing but nothingness as you breathe deeply and realize you're getting even more knocked out by Me. Another deep breath and I can fully take advantage of you, like that, like now, as you take another step deeper in your sedated, sleeping mind.

31 mins.
** Price: 25 USD

The Big Buzz - sample.mp3
What you think you hear is all in your mind, a very sleepy mind, pleasantly sleepy mind. it's an open mind, open and susceptive to My words and influence. Deeply you sleep and without noticing, your mind shuts down and opens up even more to Me, open up even more to Me, open to Me. Each word influencing your slow breathing, slow breathing, slow and deep, and the deeper you breathe, the more you relax, and the more relaxed you are, the easier it will be for Me to seduce you. That's riiiiiiiight. Seduce you. My words are seducing you, intoxicating you with each breath you take naturally, intoxicating your mind, intoxicating your mind, numb mind - intoxicated, numb mind - intoxicated. Go deep, go drugged, go weak. Let My voice drug your senses to a mild buzz for My pleasure.

"The Big Buzz" is playing with your imagination, only indicating that you're being hypnotically drugged by each and every single word I say, feeling the influence of My words and succumbing to them.

The idea of "the purple pill" is aimed at your imagination and not at any type of real medication, purple or otherwise. You are not being injected with an actual drug, nor are you being told to take any drugs.

In this particular session I am asking you to only imagine that My words work that way - drugging you and medicating you in such a way that you go as deep into trance as you possibly can.

1 hour +
** Price: 35 USD

Psychedelicus-sample.mp3 (clip)
I wonder if the idea of being hypnotically party into deep sleep is appealing to you? Can you imagine that you are inhaling deep sleep as you sink into the most intriguing and mind numbing place inside your own self? Psychedelicus is a deep sleep vapor which fills your nostrils as you drift and float gently along the spirals of your own universe, where you can allow yourself to rest your awareness in My capable hands and disconnecting your mind from your body so that they can respond and react to My hypnotic voice, individually and together. Inhale deeply and slip into deep sleep for Me.

More files to come !!