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Arousal- and climax control fetish

The recordings you find under this category are either fetish or D/s related (Dominance and submission). REMEMBER : If material of this nature offends you, this might be a good time to 'click' the little x in your top right hand corner.

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38 mins.
** Price: 40 USD

Tight Fit sample.mp3

"Tight Fit" is a fusion of 3 delicious components:

1: A highly requested long *deep sleep* induction
2: A stern and relentless mid-section done "Dark Goddess" style &
3: A smooth and VERY erotic end-section, feeding your desire to stroke without release.

That gives you a sensational hypnotic mp3; an irresistible mix between sweet and subtle - and flat out explicit and "meaty" :-)

Really hard to put into one specific box, but I've decided that it really does belong in the *Pure arousal* category. When you listen to it, you'll understand why :-)

Audience: Designed for the male listener.
Music: Very soft, un-intrusive soothing music.
Special effects: Yes, through the induction part, only.
Wake up command: Yes.

28 mins.
** Price: 25 USD

Up Close And Personal sample.mp3

You know, sometimes it's really refreshing and challenging to swim in unfamiliar waters, speaking from a purely hypnotic point of view, obviously :)

I'm so used to creating FemDom erotic sessions, so when I was inspired by a follower to create a non-FemDom but still erotic session, I realized that it's actually interesting and fascinating to have to change the approach.

And I have to say, it was really difficult for Me not to get aroused when i recorded this, which definitely shines through in the finished product.

The ending was designed special to NOT wake up the listener with the intent to lead him directly into sleep, possibly inviting lucid dreams and maybe ...just maybe ....even some wet ones :)

Designed for: Male subjects.

Main track with special voice effects.
Soft, soothing music, low.
Theta waves.

** 47 min. 21 secs
** Price: 30 USD

No Outcum sample.mp3
This brand new session is a 47 minute long smooth and sizzling seduction that teases and torments you and gets you all hot and bothered. The trick to this session is NOT to tell you that you are not allowed to cum, but to inform you under some pretty alluring circumstances that holding back for an extended period of time will provide you with much better orgasms when you finally can not hold back anylonger.

Although My main goal with this mp3 is to teach you how to make your orgasms BETTER by pushing yourself to the very edge of what is possible for you, and yet you don't cum as often as you're perhaps used to, this session certainly CAN be used as a pure chastity session for those of you that enjoy this delicious fetish - simply hold back for long as it's humanly possible for you and don't break under the pressure

*evil grin*

This session comes in 2 versions -
one with and one without DELTA brainwave technology.

*** *** ***
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** 45 min.
** Price: 25 USD

Lustful Fog-sample.mp3
When putting this track together, I kept thinking 'Overload', emphasis on the load.. It has been a while since I made a hypnotic recording to go straight into the Pure Arousal category, but if this one doesn't fit into that category, no mp3 ever will. The music track made Me feel like reuniting with an old friend; I found it on a USB storage key and thought that this would be the PURRRRRRFECT one for this. Nature sounds and the most gorgeous piano playing ever so softly - and then My voice, refining, enhancing, amplifying how GOOD you feel as soon as the track begins.

The more you listen, the better you feel and, oh - the 'Overload' may come true, even for you :-) If this erotic hypnotic mp3 doesn't make your blood rush a little faster, then no mp3 will. Trust Me!

** 44 min.
** Price: 30 USD

"Burst.mp3" has got to be the most erotic and sensual session in the history of, and I have recorded quite a few - but this one sizzles!!!

There is stillness for a moment, wordless gazes and a Madonna smile which absorb you into those eyes, eyes that speak. I know what I want, you know what I need, you are being seduced. My fragrance is like exotic incense that caresses your soul with scents of heaven. It invades your mind, it is a taste of paradise and you are there, at the gate waiting to enter. Lust is the door and desire is the key… there is no need to knock because you do have the key. My milky whiteness embracing your ears, your cheeks, your head... it is a comforting warmth as it stirs a blissful urgency within you, causing your flesh to rise even more....

** 48 min.
** Price: 30 USD

Shades of enslavement-sample.mp3
"Shades of enslavement.mp3" is a HIGHLY erotic and very irresistible session in a new "Story Teller" style. It is every bit as alluring and seductive as all My other sessions, but slightly different as this is My dark side persona which has come to life.

You find yourself on a path in a dark forest, trying to find your way back to the main road after running out of gas, and after walking for quite a while, you spot a cottage in a distant clearing. Cold and tired you approach the cottage door and you knock. A Woman opens, She says nothing but invites you inside with nothing more than a simple hand-gesture - ....and you are MESMERIZED.

** 45 min.
** Price: 25 USD

Weightless-sample.mp3 (clip)
Weightless.mp3 has EVERYTHING. Embedded triggers. Powerful suggestions. Subliminals. Music. Binaurals. Special voice effects and sound effects. Most importantly it contains a main track that will blow your mind.

If you enjoy being taken so deep into trance that your entire mesmerized being feels completely weightless in erotic hypnotic slumber, then this is the erotic hypnotic session for YOU. In addition I gave this session a serious shove into the erotic, designed in such a way that you will feel an intense throbbing sensation going on between your legs, even after you are awake. So trust Me when I tell you that you WILL feel it.

Single file
** 43 min. 03 secs.
** Price: 25 USD

Touch PLAY.mp3 (clip)
Imagine looking at the display on your computer, DVD player, TV set or any other technical devise for sound and changing images, recognizing one very special button and then getting totally blown away by the effects of touching it. Imagine having absolutely no control of your body the second you touch it. Can you imagine that? ... Why dont you purchase this MP3 and see what happens when.........

Single file
** 25 min. 02 secs.
** Price: 30 USD

EdgeForMe.mp3 (clip)
This trance speaks to those who enjoy the control of that ultimate pleasure ... the joy of being kept .. right there ... dangling on the edge of extazy without going over or beyond.. to prolong ... endlessly ... to that final moment where you simply can't help but ...

Single file
** 23 mins 08 secs.
** Price: 25 USD

SweetAddiction123.mp3 (clip)
Ever thought that a number could trigger the level of your arousal and excitement ?? Ever thought that a number could set you on fire emotionally, physically, mentally .. and another number could cool you down and bring you back to the level of total relaxation and calm??

Single file
** 25 mins 02 secs.
** Price: 25 USD

HypnoLadder123.mp3 (clip)
This file is the follow-up to the "SweetAddiction123.mp3" trance. It is an on-going journey up and down a very arousing ladder, taking you, My devoted one, to a fevered pitch, leaving your senses on the verge of extazy

Single file
** 18 mins 54 sec.
** Price: 25 USD

EroticWaves.mp3 (clip)
My first erotic trance, taking you through a sensual journey in and around yourself. Strong subliminal messages creating a realm where you can slip and slide into a highly erotic state where you feel compelled to let go and CUM for Me.

Double file
** 39 min.
** Price: 25 USD

SeedOfSubmission.mp3 (clip)
PART 1 + 2: An obedient slave is summoned by his Mistress to perform a deed of ultimate and superb submission for Her - cumming at Her command and then cleaning up his own mess.

Outstanding manuscript
generously and intelligently crafted
by "-m".

Single file
** 18 mins 54 sec.
** Price: 25 USD

FountainOfLife.mp3 (clip)
WARNING: This is a GOLDEN SHOWER recording, so if you are not into that, do NOT listen to this file. Imagine being on your back between My legs awaiting My release, awaiting My fountain of life leave My body .....

More files to come !!