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Risqué Rhythms

The recordings you find under this category are either fetish or D/s related (Dominance and submission). REMEMBER : If material of this nature offends you, this might be a good time to 'click' the little x in your top right hand corner.

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30 mins.
** Price: 30 USD

Good Boy-sample.mp3
I REALLY enjoyed writing and recording this. My studio was sizzling hot during the editing process. You KNOW you're going to want this mp3!

You've probably "heard" Me write this somewhere before, and I'll write it again: It amuses Me beyond belief to take a simple term or word from our everyday lives and pump it full of triggers and suggestions. That's what I do in this session as well - only difference is, I amp up the effects of the triggers and suggestions a whole lot :)

It's one thing how you feel DURING the hypnotic trance, but the fun really starts when you wake up *wicked grin* I know you want to find out what I mean by that, and I want you to find out.

Main track with special voice effects.
Subliminal track.
VERY soothing and relaxing music, low.
Theta brainwave technology, low.
The phrase "" included.
Wake-up fingersnap.

The theme here is Post hypnotic spontaneous masturbation..

35 mins.
** Price: 35 USD

This is possibly the first time in My career that I've invited so many BDSM factors into any of My erotic hypnotic FemDom sessions.

I usually find Myself getting a little trancy Myself during the recording- and editing process, and I did in this one too. It always happens during the relaxation and preparation bit. Then I got those delicious tingly feelings in My head.

However ....when the Dark Goddess took over, I was VERY alert and in My body. And ohhhh My goodness, it felt so good all way through.

It all starts with you being tied to a hard wooden chair, constantly surrounded by My will and whims, and in that position there's nothing you can do. Just accept that Dark Goddess is in charge and She wants flesh.

Audience: Designed for male subjects.
Duration: 35 mins.
Music: Yes.
Effects: Different voice effects. Theta brainwave technology. Finger-snap wake up command.

BE ADVISED: The theme here is BDSM, specifically light bondage, CBT (cock and ball torture), T&D (Tease and Denial), light nipple play. blindfolding. And the term "slut" and "slut meat" in this session are both terms of endearment, and not verbal humiliation. I'm not at all into that.

40 mins.
** Price: 35 USD

The Desire Behind -sample.mp3
This is possibly the most explicit, the most direct, the most risque session of My career, and oh dayum, what a rush it was to make it. Let Me tell you; the sighs you hear ...that's not acting, that's VERY real.

After the Crystal induction, I lead you into far more physical and erotic paths in your weaking mind, seducing you efficiently and skillfully, making you understand that what's expected of you right here and now is that you show some VERY attentive and submissive, adoring, dedicated attention to My ass.

Very quickly you'll learn that pleasuring Me in that way is far more sensuous, erotic, delightful and right for you than you originally had imagined. After you've dropped right down under My spell and done everything that I tell you to do, you'd be aching for the pleasure of doing it again and again and again, because you know that I am SO into that.

Audience: Designed for male subjects.
Duration: 40 mins.
Music: Yes.
Effects: Periodically white noise. Alpha brainwave technology. Finger-snap wake up command.

BE ADVISED: The theme here is Ass admiration and adoration, ass licking, ass pleasuring - total worship. And the term "slut" in this session is a term of endearment, and not verbal humiliation. I'm not at all into that.

29 mins.
** Price: 30 USD

This is the 3rd recording in My "Dark Goddess" series.

Pheromone laced fragrance piercing your darkness as you taste Me, savoring the spicy lust in My delicious recipe for your soul. Your insatiable appetite for Me stirring cravings for more and more, more and more, you can not get enough. Shiny expressions, glistening with moisture, slick surfaces penetrating your mind as you penetrate Me and release more and more, more and more of that juicy intoxication. This is what you want. This is what you need. You need to please Me, to pleasure Me, to service Me. Keep going. Keep going My boy. You are doing so well.

You get 2 versions. Both are 29 minutes long, containing one sultry voice track with soothing, dreamy music in the background, and theta brainwave technology used in the theta version.

BE ADVISED: The theme here is Oral service..

23 mins.
** Price: 30 USD

Golden beams of light sparkle, emanating from this powerful stream. Pinning you into obedient submission. These beams of light become fluid and liquefy in your mind, bringing forth a powerful scent that arouses your senses and awakens thirsty cravings of lustful servitude. They splash onto the edges of your soul washing away purity, exposing the darkness that lies within. Dark desires of liquid gold pouring… pouring... pouring down… down… down.

When you purchase this file, it comes with AND without theta waves.

BE ADVISED: The theme here is Golden showers.

21 mins.
** Price: 25 USD

The Altar -sample.mp3
In this darkness I am your light, your beacon, follow Me. Follow the light that is your Dark Goddess. Lady Radiance. Your arousal builds with every breath, into the darkness, into the light that is Me, your temple where you worship, bound on My altar of sacrifice, motionless colors strap you down, aroused and hard for My pleasure.

More files to come !!