Pure Relaxation

Pure relaxation and "ZEN" moments.

The recordings you find under this category are either fetish or D/s related (Dominance and submission). REMEMBER : If material of this nature offends you, this might be a good time to 'click' the little x in your top right hand corner.

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37+ mins.
** Price: 25 USD

Swim (in My voice) sample .mp3

This is blissful relaxation.
This is absolutely inspired.
This is ....ZEN!
EXACTLY what you need to listen to because you crave to detoxify your mind and body after a stressful day.

Consider this an open invitation to come and SWIM in My voice now.

It's going to become one of those mp3s that you keep returning to because it makes you FEEL SO GOOD.

This session is not gender specific.!

Series 1+2+3
** 46 mins 27 sec.
** Price: 25 USD

1) [Description: This file creaps into your mind, slides under your skin and leaves you feeling more submissive and obedient than before, never forgetting that Lady Radiance is in charge of you!]

2) [Description: Allow My globe of electicity to surround you, making your skin tingle with delight as you listen to each and every single word I say. Surrender to My control and experience the sweet sensations of complete surrender that it brings out in you]

3) [Description: AMAZING New file (March 5th 2007) The image of a 3 dimensional forest takes you deeper and deeper into the beauty and calmness of nature, peeling off layer after layer only to discover that there is SO much more. Such is also your sweet submission, and this file allows you to go even deeper into it and into yourself. Experience the sweet sensations of complete surrender that it brings out in you]

More files to come !!