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Headspaces and mind warps

The recordings you find under this category are either fetish or D/s related (Dominance and submission). REMEMBER : If material of this nature offends you, this might be a good time to 'click' the little x in your top right hand corner.

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** 30 mins.
** Price: 35 USD

Chain Reaction sample.mp3
I love playing with words, I really do, and I especially enjoy adding anything that pleases Me and teases you to those words, which is why trigger words have always fascinated Me.

In this session there's no doubt as to how much I enjoy trigger words, because I started with one, then two and then I added something wicked and erotic and sensual to it that WILL seduce your senses in such a way that you'll be WOW'd when you awaken.

I'm sure you want to know more, right?

Okay, that's possible when you click on *BUY* and follow that purple brick road to absolute erotic bliss.

Audience: Designed for male listeners.
Music: Yes.
Duration: 30 minutes.
Effects: This session comes with ZEN-style music; chimes and delightful soft music, slight voice effects, PHS (post hypnotic suggestions) and a couple of arousing triggers :)

** 33 mins.
** Price: 35 USD

Pick Up sample without binaurals.mp3
A tiny sound in the big pool of audible overload that many of us experience on a daily basis; some even experience it through the night, which is why now is a perfect time to add pleasure to a sound which, to many, represents an annoyance.

In your case, from now on, it'll be far more pleasurable than you could possibly have imagined - and more. Whenever you hear a phone ring, either your own or someone else's, you'll think of Lady Radiance and feel your mind and body coming together in an extremely intense pulse of arousal.

Audience: Designed for male listeners.
Music: Yes.
Duration: 33 minutes.
Effects: This session comes in 2 versions; one with and one without theta brainwave tecnology, includes ocean waves, slight voice effects, PHS (post hypnotic suggestions) and an arousing trigger :)

** 34 mins.
** Price: 30 USD

Radiant Gate - sample.mp3
As you can tell, I was inspired by "Star Gate SG1" which is, perhaps, one of My absolute favorite series.

One night I had a dream about this gate; about the moments just before entry, the entry itself and what it would be like on the other side.

What IS on the other side?

In this recording, what IS on the other side isn't specifically space, although it could be if that's what you experience. It's not specifically sci-fi, although it could be if you'd prefer it that way. My point is - it's not fiction at all - it's very real, it's as real as you are, because it's what YOU EXPERIENCE .before, during and after you walk through the gate.

Audience: Not gender specific.
Music: Yes.
Duration: 34 minutes.
Effects: Alpha brainwave technology, slight voice effects.

Single file
** 37 mins.
** Price: 30 USD

Fantasy Therapist - sample.mp3
There you are, and right on time. I like that.

Come on in, and make yourself comfortable on the couch. Either sit or lie down, your choice, as long as you're able to fully relax - and I'll take care of the rest

And I mean that LITERALLY!!!

Now, while you prepare yourself for this session, I'll .

With Me as your fantasy therapist, you never quite know what hits you, and that's a GOOD thing. Coz if you knew how aroused you'd be after listening to this recording, you may wish you had changed your mind.

And then again, maybe not :)

This session is offered with AND without theta brainwave technology..

Single file
** 27 mins 22 sec.
** Price: 25 USD

BlankEuphoria.mp3 (clip)
Outrageously delicious track for those, who enjoy having their mind TOTALLY drained and emptied by a strong Female voice with full control in Her favor ! The music and My subliminal messages will enhance the sensation of COMPLETE mind-melt-down.

This session now comes with a theta brainwave version also.

Single file
** 24 mins.
** Price: 25 USD

EmptyMind.mp3 (clip)
This file takes you over completely, emptying your mind and making you focus on ONE thing and ONE thing alone - ME. My unfailing powers gently, sweetly yet very dominantly wrapping you around My finger.

Single file
** 20 mins 29 sec.
** Price: 25 USD

EuphoricAbyss.mp3 (clip)
Smoothe, seductive flowing trance, guiding you into that blissful abyss, where you are free to float and sink even deeper ... and deeper, TOTALLY drained of all resistance, just eagerly and easily following My voice as I take you further ... deeper down ...

My special thanks to:

"My T...."
for writing this
unique and
incredibly dreamy script
for Me!!

for creating and recording
the gorgeous music
**Berit's Theme**.

3 Single files
** 25 mins.
** Price: 25 USD

HelplessInMyWeb.mp3 (clip)
I wonder if you can ..... imagine how it would feel if.... I were to tell you that this file leaves you feeling ... totally, tightly, helplessly cocooned ... in My most hypnotic web. I wonder if you can ... imagine how it would feel to .... have no choice but just wait for Me to .... touch you and make another piece of you ... Mine .

2 Single files
** 31 mins.
** Price: 25 USD

HypnoMindWarp.mp3 (clip)
I know that you can ... imagine being bombarded with words that either make no sense or all the sense in the world and .. imagine the constantly changing pace of My voice and words ... compelling you to pay even closer attention which only makes you ... drop deeper and faster.

Double file
** 32 mins.
** Price: 25 USD

MindlessPuppet-1.mp3 (clip)
Turning you into My mindless puppet is what you have craved and desired for so long, and now you can ... allow yourself to be washed clean .... having your mind so delightfully cleared, erased, deleted ...

Single file **
12 mins.
** Price: 25 USD

NoControl.mp3 (clip)
So easy giving up control to the right person. Listening to My voice and feeling My power over you makes you realize that you want nothing more than to slip even deeper into that trance like state, where all is given to the Divine Lady Radiance - especially your total surrender and control.

Now comes with a theta wave version included.

Single file
** 26 min. 31 secs.
** Price: 25 USD

NumbSurrender.mp3 (clip)
I wonder if you can imagine as you listen to My voice guide you into that specific headspace where ...all your thoughts are so easily and flowingly vanishing... where My words numb you and leave your mind blank ..

Single file
** 21 min. 22 secs.
** Price: 25 USD

TwistedHeadPhase.mp3 (clip)
This trance speaks to those who enjoy the swirly, twirling mind, the frame being distorted and the thoughts all there and yet not there at all...... I wonder how long YOU can resist!!!
Single file
** 25 mins 54 secs.
** Price: 25 USD

HypnoticConfusion.mp3 (clip)
Are the thoughts you think really yours, or just another one of My devious and diabolical triggers ?? When you have needs, are those needs really your own, or merely installations of Mine in you? When you let your mind wander, is that just you needing to relax for a moment, or is that a post hypnotic suggestion ?? Maybe it is - maybe it isn't ?? *grins*

Single file
** 24 mins. 16 secs.
** Price: 25 USD

Translucent XtaSea.mp3 (clip)
Confined by bonds - Held with another element - Secured with a cover of bindings - lines determining the limits of the area - in which you exist - sharp side formed by the intersection - end to end without overlapping - your body glued to present time - mind belonging to Me now.
More files to come !!