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Goddess worship and submission.

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Approx. 29 mins.
** Price: 30 USD

Buttoned Down - sample.mp3
Are you an ass-man or a breast-beast? :-)

You can easily be both and get off in a serious way on listening to this session. It's the type of session which feeds your desires and helps you appreciate the female form.

During the creation of this session, I studied "the source" - the cleavage. It was a VERY erotic process for Me, and you'd think that looking down into My own cleavage would be source enough, but when you listen to this mp3, you'll understand why I had to look at the cleavage of other women; because I could, because I wanted to and because it was too fucking sexy not to.

I know you want to buy this session and listen to it over and over and over again - and I don't blame you. It's one of My own favorite sessions already simply because of how it's put together; the mix between the design itself and the execution of the recording process just came together like GOLD.

Audience: Designed for the male listener.
Music: Very soft, un-intrusive soothing music.
Special effects: Very few, simply because I wanted a "clean cut, no nonsense" type of session for you to focus on.
Wake up command: None - only the suggestion that you wake up when you're ready.

Approx. 39 mins.
** Price: 30 USD

Open Wide - sample.mp3
This is probably the most enjoyable and delightful mix I've ever included in any of My recordings. Throughout the 39 minutes this session lasts, you get *spiritualism*, *FemDom / Domination & submission*, *eroticism*, *romance*, *poetry* and flashes of everything that I know you love in a hypnotic recording.

Again I felt inspired by one of My devoted boys, and the outcome will drop you into the most blissful feeling of deep hypnotic trance, and it leaves you there till I snap My fingers 39 minutes later. You get to experience your own mind from a completely different view-point, and when you wake up, you'll be reminded of how fantastic this session really makes you feel.

This session goes incredibly well hand-in-hand with "At the door of L."

Audience: Designed for the male listener.
Duration: 39 minutes.
Music: Yes. Kept very low, floaty and dreamy flow with built-in theta waves and white noise.
Special effects: Theta brainwave technology, occasional nature sounds, subliminal messages, effects on certain words, only very slight hints towards amnesia and a few post hypnotic suggestions.
Wake up command: 5-1 count down and finger-snap.

Approx. 32 mins.
** Price: 30 USD

At The Door Of L - sample.mp3
One of My cherished followers wrote a comment in a hypnosis forum, and due to the character limitation in posts, he got cut off right after ..."At the door of L". I was immediately transported in My mind to a door and saw the big capital L ......and I knew what I had to do :)

This recording relaxes you, confuses your consciousness a bit and drops you right into the most delicious state of trance where I place you at the door of L, which is the portal between your conscious and subconscious mind where I can really mindfuck you.

And yes, "L" stands for Lady Radiance :)

Some will claim that this is an intense brainwashing session - and they could be right. Others will say it's a love and addiction session - I am not saying it's not. And then again, it could also be considered a pure arousal session because being hypnotized IS ...erotic as Hell.

In this session I'm moving around between your conscious and subconscious mind, embedding and installing a new way of looking at the way you perceive trance and how badly you want it. Not only do you want it, but you want it with Me. You want to do into THIS type of trance ... with Me.

Believe Me - you want this!!!!!!

Audience: Designed for the male listener.
Duration: 32 minutes.
Music: Yes. Kept very low, floaty and dreamy flow with built-in theta waves.
Special effects: Theta brainwave technology, occasional nature sounds, subliminal messages, left ear/right ear track simultaneously, confusion effects.
Wake up command: 5-1 count down and Finger-snap.

Approx. 36 mins.
** Price: 35 USD

Kiss-sample.mp3 (clip)
Kissing is like making love with your soul, wouldn't you agree?

There's something intensely sensual about kissing; sharing that breath, that intimate touch, lip to lip, face to face. I was just wondering if you can be seduced and brought to your knee with ONE kiss?

This session has it all. The induction (the beginning) is from "Endless" because it's so perfectly smooth and relaxing that I thought it only appropriate to use it here. Then the session slides into pure and simple seduction, temptation, erotic manipulation, brainwashing and attraction.

Ask yourself this: How irresistible do you find these luscious lips of Mine?

Audience: Designed for the male listener.
Duration: 36 minutes.
Music: Yes.
Special effects: Alpha brainwave technology, nature sounds, subliminal messages.
Wake up command: Finger-snap.

Approx. 31 mins.
** Price: 30 USD

Endless-sample.mp3 (clip)
Inspired by a section of a letter that one of My very devoted boys wrote to Me. The second that I read it, this session - more or less, created itself in My mind.

Now YOU get to enjoy it with Me!!!

Sometimes going into a deep, loving, submissive trance feels SO damn good that you just don't feel like coming out of it. I know that many of My listners feel like that: It's too good to wake up from.

Buy this session and you'll hear what I mean. Listen to this mp3 from the media of your choice and you will understand what I mean when I say that you can dive right back in, any time you want to, and you get to enjoy every word, every feeling, every sensation, every prickly, tingly moment of submissive bliss all over again.

Audience: This session is not gender specific.
Duration: 31 mins.
Music: Yes.
Special effects: Voice effects. Subliminal track. Alpha brainwave technology.
Wake up command: Finger-snap.

Approx. 37+ mins.
** Price: 30 USD

Reign-sample.mp3 (clip)
Your mind is empty now, drained, no thoughts… just Me, images of Me, Lady Radiance and My purple mist that rises and invades every corner of your mind.

Rising like the steam off of hot pavement after a downpour, rising and swirling, swirling and filling you up, filling you up to the extremities of your mind. I am what you think. I am what you are. I have washed your mind clean, clean, so very clean.

So submit to Me and worship Me, worship and obey Me. Obey your Mistress, Lady Radiance.

You may recognize the first relaxation part as the one from "Swim (in My voice)", but shorter. This session contains theta brainwaves.

Designed for male subjects.

Approx. 42 mins.
** Price: 30 USD

Levitate-sample.mp3 (clip)
This audio recording can be a little deceiving at first; the title itself speaks of levitation which often relates to relaxation and weightlessness. But, and there is a big 'but', it's not as innocent as you first might be thinking. In fact, there is nothing innocent about this audio file. It's smooth, seductive, captivating and almost magnetic. Yes, magnetic. You want to listen to this, believe Me. You DO.

30 mins.
** Price: 25 USD

Sin-ematrix-sample.mp3 (clip)
This mp3 takes you deep into trance and reveals something incredibly sensuous and alluring to your mind's eye. There's a slowly growing, slightly blurry shape forming on the white, empty, blank movie screen ….the more you see it, the more happy and aroused you feel, the blurriness grows, expands, pulsates in and out.......Want to know more? Then go ahead and purchase the file and all shall be clear to you.
A special and heartfelt thanks to GK for the inspiration and assistance.

Single file
** 37 mins.
** Price: 25 USD

I want you to think of a woman. A woman of your own choice. She is just the type of woman you have always felt attracted to and you feel drawn to her. Drawn to her inside and out. You are watching her. Observing her. Obsession over her. Looking at her from a distance, your senses are awakened by a scent; flooding you with intensity and so ready to .......
A special and heartfelt thanks to GK for the inspiration and assistance.

Single file
** 40 mins.
** Price: 30 USD

Do you want to experience the ecstazy of deep relaxation and wake up feeling like a million bucks? Then this recording is perfect for you. An intoxicating flow of a soft, smoothe, velvety voice that powerfully instills a desperate need in you to follow My lead and surrender to My suggestions. Powerful subliminal messages along with soothing music will assist you in your journey down, even deeper. You want to FEEL IT, don't you?
A special and heartfelt thanks to GK for the inspiration and assistance.

This session now also comes in a theta wave version.

Single file
** 46 mins.
** Price: 25 USD

SOUL.mp3 (clip)
It is I, Me, She, the Temptress of all that can be tempted inside and out, all over and down into the down that lies ahead of you and below. Below and down is right for you, seeking what is right for you is below and right for you. This is where I was, is, always will be. Waiting. Anticipating your surrendering arrival into the numb of the senselessly blank inside and down there, right there is right for you.... You want to FEEL IT, don't you?

Single file
** 45 mins.
** Price: 30 USD

DeeplyCharismatic.mp3 (clip)
Why would I want to or even desire to slither My way inside your mind and totally rearrange your perception of here and now? The answer can be found in this recording - but only if you dare!! Do you?

Single file
** 46 mins. 37 secs
** Price: 30 USD

MY_WILLing.mp3 (clip)
My will is for the willing to will the same as Me, and I know that since you are My willing, your will is My will and My will is what you will in return. If I will your surrender, then you will your surrender to Me too, only with far more determination than anything else you have ever willed in your willing life. Nothing wrong with willing what I will and we both know how easy it is for you to ........

Single file
** 42 mins. 44 secs
** Price: 30 USD

DeeperThanDeep.mp3 (clip)
These feelings you are feeling now are truly wonderful ones and the One who can make you feel like this is Me, your hypnotic Goddess, Lady Radiance, and already your subconscious mind is clinging to My name because My name can make you remember to submit and surrender to the extreme feelings of .......... ready to find out???
**Utterly mind-boggling feedback and fantastic reviews!!!!**

Single file
** 11 mins 42 sec.
** Price: 25 USD

BlueEyedMistress-1.mp3 (clip)
This file allows you to slip comfortably and slowly into a deep feeling of contentment and happiness when submitting to Me, creating a mental realm in which you can FEEL the happiness spread like ripples and mellow out in a lasting sensation of feeling COMPLETE when you're thinking of Me

Single file
** 19 mins.
** Price: 25 USD

HypnoticTouch-1.mp3 (clip)
Prepare yourself for a very powerfull journey - focusing your full attention on My hypnotic hands. And as you focus, you find yourself wanting and craving to submit deeper, to please Lady Radiance and to obey Her every command. !

2 Single files
** 24 mins.
** Price: 25 USD
(No clip)

Prepare yourself for 2 trigger- and suggestion loaded trances. Clear speach and subliminal messages chasing eachother, suggestions and commands robbing you of your senses and taking your M I N D for a spin. Listen to this and it'll surely put you in a state of delightfull and deeply hypnotic dizziness. (This file goes very well hand in hand with "HypnoticallyTamed.mp3")

Single file
** 19 mins.
** Price: 25 USD

StrikingColours.mp3 (clip)
Imagine being placed on a chair in front of Me, being asked to type words on a piece of paper while I sit and watch you! I pick the words, you pick the colours - however, you know that eventually I'll get My way with you, and the choice really isn't yours anymore. It's ALL MINE !

More files to come !!