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The recordings you find under this category are either fetish or D/s related (Dominance and submission). REMEMBER : If material of this nature offends you, this might be a good time to 'click' the little x in your top right hand corner.

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Single file
** 40 mins.
** Price: 25 USD

There is a world out there full of the most divine and exquisite lingerie. Bras and panties in different colors, different fabrics with different effects and expressions. But there is always a few decisions to be made - retro chic or classic cup? Full cup or a teasing balconnet? Molded wire or soft lining? Gentle lift or full classic push-up? Straps or no straps? Exquisite Hip or ........You want to know more, don't you? Yeah, I thought so. I wonder if you are ready for a session that in an extremely powerful way brings out your femininity, your stunning inner beauty and your outer greatness.

This trance can be enjoyed by males AND females ]

Series 1+2+3
** 30 mins.
** Price: 25 USD

Femme-d'Ero.mp3 (sample)
I wonder if you can imagine … as you listen to My voice guide you into that specific frame of mind … your ultimate standard of perfection or excellence…. My voice transforming and transfixing you .. allowing you to ride that wave … and set sail.. going on a journey into that part of you … that you so desperately wish to explore … where embodying the ideal image of the ideal woman in you… becomes possible and easy. !!!

This trance can be enjoyed by males AND females ]

47 mins.
** Price: 40 USD

Curious Boy.mp3 sample

It's been highly requested that I create more feminization files, and this one is particularly delicious, nice and sexy slow, enticing and irresistible ….and incredibly intense.

It's designed to allure and seduce your mind to imagine what it might feel like to let your body slip into …perhaps ….a shimmering, shiny, divine slip, feeling how it drapes and brushes against your naked body.

When you relax and allow your inner *girl* to let go while you listen to the sound of My voice, you'll love how easy it is to be My *good girl* :-)

Audience: Designed for the male listener.
Music: Soothing, floaty and dreamy music.
Special effects: Extra long induction, a few trigger phrases, beloved expressions such as "just like that" and post hypnotic suggestions.
Wake up command: 5-1 count down and Finger-snap.

More files to come !!