Lady Radiance - Erotic FemDom fetish hypnosis mp3s

-What are the different categories called?
-what type of sessions will you find under them?

Name of category Type of mp3 / genre / style
Here you will find mp3s dealing with the deep sense of having lost time, lost minutes or hours or perhaps just chunks of something you can't quite put your finger on, but something passed by the outside shell of you but you feel too good to care about what it was. These mp3s often have 2-3 layers of sound effects and special tracks to help you go deep into hypnotic sleep.
These are mp3s focusing on the way your mind is now, what it will be like in 10 minutes and what it'll be like in 40 minutes. This is where your mind is programmed and re-programmed to think thoughts that you think are your own initial creation, and when you start to realize that you don't know which is which, then you want to throw yourself under My control all the more. Why? Because it's the only right thing you will do. These mp3s often have multiple layers of sound effects, sublimanals etc. to ensure that you go deep into hypnotic sleep.
These mp3s are for women who want to feel even more like a woman; more sensual, seductive, alluring and sexy through and through. And for men who allow their feminine side to come out in full bloom, allowing their fantasies to flow and their true self to come alive.
Goddess worship
Very simply put: This is where you come to worship Me and have your entire being overhelmed by My presense. While you listen to these recordings, you may even find that you feel Me there with you, but first and foremost I am inside your mind, all the way, inside, outside, all around so delightfully powerful and in perfect control of you for all time. These mp3s all have 2-3 layers of sound effects, subliminals, snaps etc. to ensure that you FEEL My words.
This category contains recordings that deal with mental numbness and confusion. Emphasis is entirely on very specific patterns of reaction of the mind and less so of the body. Focus is on the mind; how numb, how blank and how empty it becomes while you sink deeper and deeper into a state from which you do not wish to return, but you do because it's twice as remarkable the second time you "drop".
Other fetishes
At present time you will find a smoke fetish recording here. This is where I put those mp3s that are outside of the categories at hand, and when I later on make more recordings of the same type, I create a category befitting that exact fetish.
Pure arousal
I know you already like the sound of this. These recordings are extra erotic, extra arousing, extra explicit and a little extra of everything else. You will find aspects of climax control, and I can guaranteee that you - in each and every single recording in this category - will find yourself so wonderfully lost and aroused at the sound of My seductive voice. These mp3s are jam packed with subliminals, powerful sound effects and music to help you along and down deep into My realm of complete control.
Relax and sleep
Here the focus is on getting you to .....relax and sleep. It's a very, very wonderful combo of relaxation, guided meditation and hypnotic inductions that go a little beyond the concept. This is where My hypnotic path started.
Risqué Rhythms
This is a new category containing more explicit BDSM or D/s related audio recordings. These sessions are exactly as creative and seductive and alluring as all My other works, but these have that extra dimension, those extra layers which invite you into the darker side of Me, into My realm of intense domination and refined sexuality. Be forewarned - this particular category contains very explicit language and terms relating to a D/s relationship.
Velvet Sleep
This category is more commonly known as "sleepy fetish" amongst fans of hypnosis. My idea of "Velvet Sleep" is to get you into a VERY deep hypnotic sleep state by 'drugging' you with My words, suggestions and messages to your subconscious. No actual drug is involved, only the IDEA of somehow being put in a chemically induced hypnotic state. It can be anything from giving you a liquid component to drink, or making you breathe through a mask, to convincing you that a specific word has a specific physical and mental reaction. This category will offer recordings containing MANY such trigger-words, and they will ALL make you feel very, very sleepy - and aroused for some reason when you wake up.