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Approx. 36 mins.
** Price: 35 USD

Blank - sample.mp3
I'm sure you want a description of this file, right? :-)

Here it is: Blank and mindless for Lady Radiance.

That's what this file is ALL about: you becoming completely relaxed, blank and mindless in trance for Lady Radiance, which is a delightfully addictive sensation, I'm being told :-)

That's really all you need to know, and you already know you want to listen to this. Just imagine; 36 minutes of a deep, dreamy, desirous trance by Lady Radiance.

Exactly what YOU want.

Audience: Designed for the male listener.
Duration: 36 minutes.
Music: Soothing sound of trickling water, floaty and dreamy music.
Special effects: Special amnesia inducing effects on certain words and phrases, post hypnotic trigger phrase.
Wake up command: 5-1 count down and Finger-snap.

Approx. 39 mins.
** Price: 35 USD

Forget Me Not - sample.mp3
For quite some time I've been asked if I was planning on making more amnesia sessions, and for quite some time I've been saying "Oh yes, it's on My to-do list". Well, it's off the list now - coz it's DONE :-)

"Forget Me Not" is a smooth flowing combination of relaxation techniques and references to confusion with the over-all theme being amnesia. I've just now listened through the finished session, and although I know I wrote it, and although I just heard it, I can't remember what's what. Bizarre in a fascinating way, don't you agree? Down below you can read about the specifics of the session.

I can proudly say that this is My personal favorite in this particular category! Enjoy :-)

Audience: Designed for the male listener.
Duration: 39 minutes.
Music: Yes. Kept very low, floaty and dreamy flow with built-in theta waves.
Special effects: Theta brainwave technology, special amnesia inducing effects on certain words and phrases, slight references to blurred memories, most popular post hypnotic suggestions and a name trigger.
Wake up command: 5-1 count down and Finger-snap.

45 mins.
** Price: 30 USD

Purple Passion -sample.mp3
Warmth spreading all around, diffusing, circulating motions of utter bliss and excitement, stronger than anything you have ever felt. It becomes increasingly important for you to ..feel that excitement as it drifts through your body so effortlessly now.

Single file
50 mins.
** Price: 30 USD

Feather.mp3 is a dreamy, floaty amnesia session with triggers, subliminal messages and the soothing sound of rain to accompany you on your seducing and irresistibly tempting path to erotic, hypnotic forgetfulness.

It is designed to pump your sleepy mind full of the most delightful and mesmerizing images and ideas and then convince you that parts of what I have said here and there seems to be miraculously forgotten. What you thought you thought wasnt thought at all, simply because you forgot to think it to begin with.

Single file
38 mins. 19 sec.
** Price: 25 USD

Amnesiastic.mp3 (clip)
Delicious track for anyone with an amnesia fetish. Triggers and suggestions meshing with heavy duty subliminal messages ensure that your sense of memory is somewhat out of synch when you awaken. When I asked My test subject if he could remember anything from the trance, he commented with only two words : "NO CLUE". That does indeed say it all.

Single file
29 mins.
** Price: 30 USD

EnchantingAmnesia.mp3 (clip)
Outrageously delicious track for those, who enjoys slipping into a void of nothingness with a feeling of "having forgotten something", losing control of mind and body while hearing My voice. After a delightful relaxing induction, I seduce your mind and make you remember to forget. Seductive music and powerful subliminal messages along with the sound of your heartbeat will help you go deeper than you have ever been... and will lure you into a hypnotic feeling of ...amnesia.
**Utterly mind-boggling feedback and fantastic reviews!!!!**

More files to come !!