Lady Radiance - Erotic FemDom Hypnosis fetish mp3s! Just follow My voice. The Power Of Her voice.

"Lady Radiance" became My passion in 2004. As it is with most things, this too started out as a thought and grew into something far greater and far more meaningful in My life.

The name itself was suggested to Me by someone who had only heard My voice but never seen Me, and this person's description of Me on all levels was so accurate and true that the name stayed with Me for a few days. I felt I was given that name for a reason.

Then I made the choice - what should later turn out to be the ultimate choice: I bought My domain. The first step to doing something I knew I was good at had been taken. A step I have never regretted for a second. "Lady Radiance" was no longer just a thought. Now it was a concept, a brand, a skill, a trade, a purpose. My reality.

I have written many different things ever since I was 16 or 17, and suddenly I found Myself a bit later in life writing something entirely different: manuscripts for My own hypnosis mp3 recordings. I quickly learned the entire process of making an mp3 and some of the techniques behind a good track. I found Myself getting very serious and ambitious.

It was never a question of delivering what people wanted from Me, but a question of what I wanted to create; what I felt like doing, what I was inspired to create, what I was in the mood for. Did I want to write a sequel to something I had already done, but wanted to do more of? Or was I in the mood for a new flavor, a new topic, a new subject, a new - everything!? Whatever I wanted to do, I did. I never asked anyone if that was okay.

Every day I read and researched different areas within the hypnotic realm and began to test on subjects online what I had learned - under careful supervision by those far more experienced than Myself. Looking back, I really had fun, doing everything under the moon that I felt like doing. I went from erotic to funny, from relaxing to enslaving, from laughable to moving. Every day I learned something new, not only about My subjects but about Myself, too. I learned what I loved and I loved what I learned. It's as simple as that.

Through the years I have had periods of serious illness and had to take a step back in order to get back to perfect health. Being in hospital and health facilities regaining My strength never stopped Me from doing what I love - so I had My laptop brought to Me, of course. Taking a step back can sometimes be the best thing in the world, coz then - when you return - you realize just how GOOD it feels to BE BACK.

I believe that we are all born with certain unique gifts, but they only come to life when we nurture them and allow them to flourish. It has taken Me many years to truely believe in and trust My spiritual gifts, however - I believe I've always known that I had them. And in allowing trances and hypnosis to become a vital part of My every day life, I combine ALL of the things I find SO fascinating. And in addition - to combine ALL of that with My D/s lifestyle has only given Me more pleasure. To watch a submissive dive into the realm of submission willingly, obediently, deeply and in total surrender through the careful guidance of My words, My power and control makes Me feel even more like a Dominant. And to see that person SO comfortable and happy in that submission durring his or her surrender to Me and My mental creation, brings Me pleasures in ways I find hard to describe. But that is what drives Me to learn more, to dive even deeper into My own Dominant mind AND to take people into the realm that not only feels right for Me but more so one that feels right for them!

So please - enjoy!